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After World War II, the Thai Government by His Excellency Field Marshal Pibulsonggram agreement with the Prime Minister. Organization promoting common security of the United States (Mutual Security Agency; MSA) to promote better education of the nation. So it should establish a technical college in another city. The objective is to provide the youth of the nation. Have extensive professional training and Raise the standard of education higher than it is at that time.

Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK) aims to produce graduates who are academically knowledgeable, professionally qualified, well-prepared to enter the work force and adept at keeping pace with the evolution of technology. Graduates will demonstrate strong discipline, exhibit high morals, follow professional ethics and assume social responsibility.

RMUTK is outstanding in professional education. It aims to develop students’ critical thinking along with practical skills. RUMTK offers an environment where healthy bodies and happy minds dwell in harmony.


  • Provide professional education cultivating both critical thinking and practical skills
  • Serve society, particularly in regard to economic development in Thailand and the region
  • Embrace collaborative management to build ‘healthy bodies and happy minds’ among staff members and students


  • Create a productive ‘learning environment’ at the university
  • Raise graduates and staff competence as well as promote good morals and codes of conduct
  • Enhance the capacity of enterprise employees


  • Faculty of Applied Arts
  • Faculty of Science and Technology.
  • Faculty of Industrial Education.
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Business Administration.
  • Faculty of Textile Industries
  • Faculty of Home Economies Technology
  • International College

    RMUTK Bangkok

    RMUTK Bangkok

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