North Eastern University

Northeastern University. Approved by the Ministry of University Affairs to establish a private university on March 8, 1988 by Mr. Subin Park, which is hard Minister of University Affairs at the time the license was signed on behalf of Northeastern University (W.p.n.) or North Eastern College (NEC) initiative in founding, which has been approved as a licensee, is Pat Praphasri Dr. Pho, with the support of the Emperor Dragon Dr. Pat. The Emperor Po, which has been appointed as President of the College at that time was regarded both as the origin of this institution. As an opportunity for higher education and Sammachip Kulbutr Kultida to the Northeast. Have the option to study in higher education has been honored

College of North East. Founded by the introduction of the Advisory Board. Which is both scholars and managers. It has been established since 1979 began to prepare for space along the Friendship Highway, Khon Kaen city. The distance from the edge of Friendship Highway, about 200 meters on the area of ​​47 rai 3 ngan 51.1 square has laid the foundation stone of the building. This is now. Office of the President on 19 February 1987 to begin construction and procurement of equipment. The initial investment of 90 million Baht


Academic growth and development in public transport in the Northeast, which is full of energy and create a sustained culture and morality. To social services. The stream is fed to the benefits enjoyed by the general public.


  • The development of integrated education in all faculties and disciplines to meet the needs of the client. To strengthen local communities. And the nation.
  • Encourage the faculty and students can apply to local and international courses in order to live happily in society.
  • To promote the production of graduates that have the features you Wuฒ moral quality to meet the needs of local and social
  • Development of faculty as scholars and researchers to create the technology industry and present new knowledge in line with changes in the social world.
  • Support services for academic excellence throughout the society. As well as creativity. Local Cultural Strategies developed to meet national intelligence.


  • Faculty of Computer and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
NEU Thailand

NEU Thailand

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