North Chiang Mai University

North-Chiang Mai University (NCU) offers students from all over the globe an opportunity to further their education while enjoying all the benefits of one of the most livable cities in Asia . Courses are taught in both English and Thai.

Entering students are taught in English and receive intensive instructions in the Thai language.As their proficiency increases, they continue their studies in Thai.

NCU is accredited and under the supervision of the Thai Ministry of Education. It is the first private university in northern Thailand to offer Bachelor degree programs in engineering and electronic commerce management (E-Commerce).

Mr. Narong Chavasint established North-Chiang Mai University in 1999 out of gratitude to his birthplace, Chiang Mai, and to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of H.M. King Bhumipol the Great. Mr. Chavasint was inspired by His Majesty’s words, “Giving leads to true happiness, and there is no gift more valuable than education.”

North-Chiang Mai University concentrates on educating students to meet global standards of excellence. NCU strives to prepare graduates entering the government and private sectors to meet the challenges of the workplace, society, and the growing global economy. Graduates of North-Chiang Mai University are prepared to face these challenges with technology, communication skills, problem solving ability, leadership, and entrepreneurship. They are encouraged to act and think creatively, critically, and – most important – morally and ethically.

NCU emphasizes the use of modern technology to facilitate educational and administrative management. The university’s IT infrastructure offers “Education on Demand.” It serves and supports students and the neighboring communities with a broad range of online education including an e-information center, an e-learning center, an e-commerce education center, and an e-library.

The university is an academic and professional center serving the community and the entire country. The university is a source of learning, research and the dissemination of knowledge guided by the principles of honesty, diligence, and justice.

The university actively supports using English in daily life, the conservation of Lanna (Northern Thai) art and culture, and creating a clean and green environment.


Faculty of Engineering

  •     Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Software Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Technology Program

Faculty of Business Administration

  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Business Computer
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Electronic Commerce Management
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Management
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration – Tourism and Hospitality Management

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities   

  •     Bachelor of Public Administration
  •     Bachelor of Communicative English
  •     Bachelor of Communicative Chinese

Faculty of Law

  •     Bachelor of Law

Graduate Degree Programs

  •     Master of Public Administration (Public Administration)
  •     Master of Public Administration (Project Management and Evaluation)
  •     Master of Science (Information Management and Information Technology)
  •     Master of Business Administration
  •     PhD in Development Administration
NCU Thailand
NCU Thailand

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