Stenden Rangsit University

Stenden Rangsit University (SRU) is a satellite campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, and is based on the campus of the Rangsit University near Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is a joint venture between Rangsit University and Stenden University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands.

Stenden Rangsit University provides Business Management training in the form of a double BBA degree, aimed primarily at hotel management, as well as specialist health and spa management, events management, protocol and diplomatic studies, and tourism education.

International Hotel Management programme

The International Hotel Management programme (IHM) is the primary degree programme at Stenden Rangsit University. Students graduate at the end of a four year period with dual BBA degrees, one each from Rangsit University in Thailand, and one from Stenden university in the Netherlands.

The modular programme, taught by means of a problem-based learning approach, includes both academic and practical training. Students are placed in practical internship situations at various stages of their education, where they improve their business skills.

Subjects included in this programme include economics, international law, research methodology, financial accounting, strategic and operations management operations management, intercultural studies, as well as additional languages. In addition, students complete the prestigious Franklin Covey seven-step training.


The Spa and Health Management minor is part of the International Hospitality Management degree and provides training in spa treatment, services and products, oriental medicine and wellness, nutrition and spa cuisine. The program is geared to produce professionals for a service sector that is experiencing growth.

The International Protocol and Diplomatic Studies double minor covers international relations including international security, international law, international politics, diplomatic history, international economics and business culture with a focus on the Asian region.

The Event Management minor seeks to develop students through a programme of Real World Learning methodology, into professional managers capable of creating events from an initial brief, through concept, planning and budget to the staging and post execution analysis of the event against the client’s objective.

In the Community-Based Tourism minor students live in the community. They teach the locals skills to provide accommodation in their own homes, provide produce and services to the tourists and act as guides to the local sites of cultural interest and nature.


Stendenrangsit Bkk

Stendenrangsit Bkk

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