Fukui University in Bangkok is Now Open


Fukui University of Technology (FUT), recently established an Asean office in Bangkok, its first such move in Southeast Asia, in an attempt to search for eligible Thai students and help them with Japanese-language improvement before they enter the university, said Etsuo Matsuura, manager of the office.

Matsuura said that he planned to get students to send in applications to study for bachelor’s and master’s degrees from next month. The Asean office was formally opened on Tuesday.

The primary qualification is that potential students should have studied mathematics and Japanese at Matthayom 5 or 6, or at bachelor’s level. Knowledge in the fields of science or industry is an additional qualification.

FUT will work with Nation Group to establish a Japanese language center to teach selected applicants Japanese for a year until they are able to study in the language, as it is used in all of the university’s programs.

“We will offer them the same tuition fee as at state universities in Japan, reducing it from ¥1.2 million to ¥600,000 [from about 350,000 Baht to 175,000 Baht] per year,” he said. “We’re adjusting our admission exam and teaching, making the level of Japanese language easier for students from within Asean,” Matsuura said.

FUT is renowned for its Applied Nuclear Technology Department, as it offers students practical knowledge in nuclear and radiation engineering.

Within Fukui Prefecture, there are nuclear power plants and accompanying research organizations and facilities, which give students the opportunity to study the most cutting-edge technology through visits, practical learning and internships, he added.

The university – which was inaugurated by the Kanai Educational Institution in 1965 – also has electrical, electronic and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture and the environment engineering, and environmental and biological chemistry departments.

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