Long Hair in Thailand Makes You Stupid

The Education Minister Phongthep Thepkanjana planned to propose to the Cabinet that students be allowed longer hairstyles but changed his mind otherwise.

Both parents and students expressed mixed opinions over the supposed new regulations that allows all students to have a layered haircut. There are some concerns circulating that students might become more preoccupied with their looks. They are supposed to focus on their education and not on fashion and hairstyles.

The Director  of Satriwithaya School, Chamnong Chamchantha-rawong said that the school will not oppose the new rule even though it has conserved a Short Hair culture for a very long time now. The school committee and alumni association had discussed the issue with the school. They will allow the students to wear long hair but are not allowed to get them layered and colored as well.

While the Chairman of Ban Khao Niwet Municipality School’s committee in Ranong province, Nit Ouytekkeng said that the Ministry of Education did not understand what’s really happening in the schools. They don’t have a proper idea about whether the Thai society is ready for such a change or not. Students were given many rights but they ignore the rules and this would cause a problem in the future.

The Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Chinnapat Bhumirat said that the new regulations provided general outlines on the student haircuts. A decision should be made together with the schools, students, and other stakeholders on which hairstyles are suitable for the students.

However, Phongthep said that he doesn’t think a layered hairstyle will be a problem. He is afraid that haircuts without layers are seen as abnormal looking compared to hairstyles that people actually have.

In line with this, Phongthep had approved the new regulations last Tuesday and would propose them to the Cabinet next Tuesday. And once it gets an approval, it will be implemented during the 2013 academic year. Phongthep had removed the ban on students getting layered hairstyles and lifted the schools’ authority to get their students to flaunt a specific hairstyle.


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