Small Schools Only to be Merged and Not Closed

According to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Secretary-General Chinnapat Bhumirat, there are no schools this year that is reserved for closure but expect merging in some.

As elaborated, they are going to merge some schools that are located close to each other and would also provide a budget for the transportation. The transportation allowance is budgeted in buying vans for the students. They were also clear in saying that if there are no enrolled students at any of the schools, after merging, they will close it down automatically.

OBEC had instructed 182 educational service area offices in every province except Bangkok to create their own development plans to improve the quality of small schools under their supervision and hand in the plans to OBEC by May 24. They are going to look for updated information about the small schools before proceeding with the process of merging and closures. There are 182 Educational Service Area Offices in all provinces except Bangkok to make their own development plans to improve the quality of the small schools in their supervision. The offices are urged to follow the important steps in closing down a school before deciding to do so. They should as well help in improving the quality of education and effectiveness of the management, which includes in sharing their educational resources to those who have none. The Information and Communication Technology resources should also be provided to the students while the discussion of any plans in closing down a school with the local residents is still ongoing.

The OBEC Channel, an educational satellite television channel, should be used by those small schools that do not have enough teachers for every grade and subject. And lastly, the Local Administrative Organizations and Informal Education Centers should also be permitted to use the closed school buildings and facilities.

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