Education Ministry Launched Nationwide Drug-Free Campaign in Schools

The three schools in Phuket, Thailand were the focus on the launch of the Education Ministry’s campaign to get rid of drugs in schools nationwide.

The “White School” Anti-drug Campaign was joined by the Phuket Governor with other 850 participants including the Education Officials throughout the Andaman Provinces.

The ministry gave high priority in tackling drugs in schools and for them to achieve such goal it required the cooperation from every section of the school system, which includes homeroom teachers who are closest to the students. There are practical action plans and assessments that was set to be carried out all throughout the school year. Every school needs to report to the ministry after seven days after each semester, the number of students found or believed to have been involved with drugs. That includes users, dealers and potential drug users or dealers. All the information will be kept confidential to protect the students and the school itself. When found affected by drugs, the goal is to rehabilitate with the local Provincial Public Health Office’s treatment programs for students.

This coming June 15, all the Provincial Health Offices all over the country will launch their Rehabilitation Programs. The schools are to set up their own plans in helping their affected students. The ministry will sent out inspectors to evaluate all the schools and if the school is indeed free of drugs or “White”, they will receive a White pennant, declaring that the school is 100 percent Drug-free.


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